Aparigraha, the practice of non-attachment, is part of the eight limbs of yoga.  Sometimes as we move towards our greatest intentions, we fight change that is meant to occur by holding onto old patterns. Is there something we need to let go of that isn't serving us?  Are we stubbornly holding onto the need to be "right" in order to stay engaged in toxic relationships with others or self? It's time to let that sh*t go!

Bring a Journal, Open mind and Open heart as we flow and let go.  There will be yoga, journaling, and Bhakti & English sounds to help cleanse body mind and soul.  Color pencils also encouraged if you want to cleanse in color!

*Explicit language WILL be used to invite humor and release stress.  Please know the intent of this language is solely to expell the grime of the heart...not to offend.